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l-Basha Perfume Trading Company was established by the hand of the perfumer Ahmed Naes Pasha in 1990 as a small family business aiming to provide high quality and innovative products in the perfume industry. In the year 2010, Mr. Muhammad Pasha took over the management of the company and managed its affairs. Despite his young age, he had a futuristic outlook and an aromatic instinct unparalleled among the people of his age. Where he made a quantum leap for the company at all levels, and thanks to the efforts made, the company now has a group of talented experts and perfumers who work hard to provide unique and distinctive aromatic experiences to customers. Al-Basha Perfumes Company is distinguished by great care in choosing ingredients and scents to design unique and lively perfumes. High-quality natural ingredients are used in making perfumes, in addition to modern techniques in extracting essential oils to obtain exceptional scents. The company offers a variety of perfumes for both sexes, to suit all tastes and occasions. The range of fragrances features long-lasting formulas, which makes customers feel confident and enjoy the fragrance all day long. Besides perfumes, the company also provides a range of personal care products such as skin care products, which carry the same care and quality that perfumes are famous for. Al-Basha Perfumes Company is keen to provide exceptional customer service, as it cares about customer satisfaction and listens to their comments and suggestions. The company also seeks to achieve sustainable development and adopts ethical business principles in all its activities. The company aims to become one of the leading brands in the perfume industry, while maintaining its creative and innovative vision in providing products that distinguish it from its competitors and meet the aspirations of customers.